Candidate Privacy Notice



This notice describes how Turvy and its affiliates/subsidiaries (collectively "Turvy") collect, use, disclose, and otherwise process the personal data ("Candidate Data") of individuals who apply or are considered for a position with Turvy ("Candidates").


This notice governs Turvy's processing of Candidate Data anywhere in the world in connection with our recruitment of Candidates for positions at Turvy.

This notice does not apply to Turvy's processing of personal data in connection with its products or services. For information on such processing, please see Turvy's User Privacy Notice.


We collect the following categories of Candidate Data directly from you:

We may also receive the following categories of information from other sources:

In addition, if you apply for a position in the United States or another country that permits such voluntary data collection, you will have the opportunity to provide information about your gender, race/ethnic origin and veteran status for us to conduct equal opportunity monitoring. Where permitted by law, we may also infer some of this information from past Candidates to improve our recruitment process. The provision of this information is entirely voluntary, and where required by law (including in the European Economic Area ("EEA")), we only collect such information with your express consent. If you decline to provide this information, your application(s) will not be affected. If you choose to provide this information, you consent to our using it for equal employment opportunity monitoring purposes. This information will be held and stored anonymously and will not be used to evaluate your employment application.


Turvy uses your Candidate Data in connection with our Candidate recruitment process. For example, we use your Candidate Data to:

Turvy will maintain your Candidate Data as part of your employee records if you are hired.

Suppose you are not hired for the position you were initially considered for. In that case, we may use your Candidate Data to identify and contact you regarding other jobs you may want to be considered. If you do not wish Turvy to use your data for this purpose, you may request that we delete your Candidate Data as explained below.

In addition, if you provide Turvy with the contact information of your references, Turvy may use that information to contact your concerns (and not for any other purpose). Information provided by such authorities will be used to evaluate your candidacy and will otherwise be treated according to this notice.


We may share your Candidate Data:

Turvy does not sell Candidates' data.


We may allow others to provide online audience measurement and analytics services for us, serve advertisements on our behalf across the Internet, and track and report on the performance of those advertisements. These entities may use cookies, web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device when visiting our site, including Turvy's Careers page. Please refer to our Cookie Statement for more information about these technologies and service providers.


Turvy retains your Candidate Data for as long as you are under consideration for a position with Turvy. After that, Turvy maintains your Data by the laws in your country. These laws may require Turvy to retain your information for periods defined in such laws or delete it after those laws. For example, unless otherwise required by such laws, Turvy will retain your Candidate Data for three years after it ceases to consider you for a position with Turvy and will, after that, delete your Candidate Data except for historical information regarding the jobs for which you were considered (e.g., the work (s) for which you applied and the dates of your application(s)), and the decisions made by Turvy concerning your candidacy (which may include the grounds for the decision). In some cases, we may ask for your consent to retain your Candidate Data for longer than permitted under applicable laws.

You may also request the deletion of your Candidate Data at any time. Unless otherwise required by law, or where Turvy may have a legitimate interest that justifies continued retention, Turvy will delete your Candidate Data after receiving such request, except for historical information regarding the positions for which you were considered and the decisions made by Turvy concerning your candidacy.


You have the following rights concerning Turvy's handling of your Candidate Data:

To exercise these rights, please see below or submit your request here. Please note that in certain instances, exercising your rights to object to or restrict the processing of your Candidate Data, or to withdraw consent relating to the processing of your Candidate Data, may impact our ability to consider you for a position with Turvy. However, candidates will not be discriminated against for exercising these rights.

In addition, if you are a resident of the EEA, you also have the right to complain to your local data protection authority or regulatory body relating to Turvy's handling of your Candidate Data.


Turvy processes your data under one or more of the following legal bases:


If you are applying for a position with us from outside the United States, the Candidate Data that we collect about you in the recruitment process may be transferred to and stored on our servers in the United States. In addition, authorised employees of Turvy and affiliated companies at locations outside the United States may have access to your Candidate Data as part of the recruitment process.

Suppose you live outside the United States, including in the EEA. In that case, we transfer your Candidate Data based on Standard Contractual Clauses or other mechanisms approved by the European Commission.


We may change this notice from time to time. Any changes to this notice go into effect upon the effective date of the revised statement.


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