Driver to Hero Data-Sharing Policy

Which information does Turvy share with your Hero?


To help you set up your account, you may have shared personal information like your driver’s license. To help manage your account, your Hero may need to access some of your account details. This page explains which information is shared by Turvy and why.

First name, last name, and profile photo

Your name and profile photo are used to identify your account.

Heroes can also edit basic personal details, such as your name and phone number if they need to correct mistakes in your account.

Phone number

Your Hero may contact you by phone to help set up your account and inform you about important updates to your account.

Product and city of operation

The product refers to the type of Turvy product you use to provide services, such as ridesharing and food deliveries.

During account setup, your Hero may enter the city’s name, where you operate and your product (how you make a living using the Turvy app).

Along with your city of operation, the product determines which documents are needed to start.

Required documents, account status, and activation date

Your Hero helps you provide Turvy with any required documents for driving. They may add photos of those documents to your account with your permission unless you prefer to add them yourself.

Your Hero needs to review all of the documents Turvy requires before you start driving and, once they are submitted, determine whether these documents are rejected for any reason. After they have been submitted to Turvy, your Hero will not have access to your records.

Trip count and date of the last trip

Your Hero keeps track of the number of trips you complete to determine whether you reach specific performance goals.

If you want to stop sharing these details with your Hero, delete your Partner-driver account and set up your own new Partner-driver account.




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