Safety and Security - SOS Share

Emergency Data Sharing

We want to ensure that riders and drivers have access to tools that help them stay safe when they use our service. To help you get the help you need in an emergency, you can call 000 through the Turvy app and, where available, we will share your location and other trip details with the 000 call taker. We will share trip details: your estimated current location when your 000 calls were placed, the car’s make, model, colour, and license plate, your name and phone number, your pickup and drop-off locations, and your driver’s name.

It is up to you whether you want to share your location and other trip details information with the 000 call taker. You can turn location and information sharing off by accessing the Emergency Data Sharing page in your Privacy Settings.

The location that we will share with the 000 call taker is your latitude and longitude, as determined by your device’s operating system when you placed the call. Your device’s location information may not be accurate, particularly in dense urban environments.

When you share your location and trip data with a 000 call taker, we will pass along your location and trip information to RapidSOS. This technology platform enables location and data sharing from connected devices to 000 call takers. RapidSOS’s emergency platform is only integrated with 000 call takers in some of our areas in Australia. If we can share your trip details with a 000 call taker, you will see this noted in the Turvy app before you place your 000 calls. In some cases, your 000 call centre and RapidSOS may only be able to process some, but not all, of your location and trip details. For example, a 000 call taker may have access to your estimated current location but may not be able to see your pickup and drop-off locations.

To protect you, Turvy will retain your location and trip information and information about the times when you use our app to call 000. Turvy may keep this information as long as permitted by law, and following that, the information will be deleted. RapidSOS will delete the location and information data that it receives from Turvy within 180 days but may retain a summary that shows information such as the amount and number of calls that it processes. Any summary information that RapidSOS keeps will be identified so that it does not contain any information that can be linked to a person. Turvy and RapidSOS will never record or listen to your 000 calls or make a transcript of your calls.



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